Steel framing for Home Owners

Building a Steel framed Home

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Why should you, as a homeowner, choose steel framing over wood?

1. Cost effectiveness

Steel is not affected by the weather when building, so unlike timber framing that needs to dry out before being enclosed work can carry on uninterrupted.

Steel is 70% lighter than timber framing and can be erected by hand reducing the costs of lifting equipment.

Service holes are pre-punched and with plastic grommets making it easier and less time consuming for subbies to work with.

2. Strength & durability

Axxis® steel is strong and has excellent wind load resistance and high structural load carrying capacity. Steel will not warp or twist as it does not absorb moisture, so building with steel results straight walls, square corners and flush surfaces for the life of your home. 

Recent controlled seismic testing of steel framing by NASH was shown to withstand earthquakes of up to nine on the Richter Scale, as shown in this short video.

Axxis® steel is backed up by a 50 year Durability Statement giving you peace of mind 

3. Sustainability & eco-responsibility

Steel Framing is 100% recyclable, resulting in less waste entering landfills resulting in less harm to our environment. Steel is reusable and can be recycled without compromising the integrity of the steel. Steel does not require treating with chemical preservatives, so it does not give off VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or gases it is safer for those working or living around steel. Learn more about the sustainability of steel at the NZ Steel Website.

This is of particular benefit to asthma sufferers as steel does not support the growth of mould. Axxis® Steel is recognised by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of NZ as a Sensitive Choice in construction as a better choice for people with asthma and allergies.

4. Fire resistance

Steel is not flammable like timber therefore does not contribute to the spread of fire.

5. Drying time

As steel framing is non-absorbent there are no delays in construction while waiting for frames to dry prior to cladding and lining.

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Made by New Zealand Steel, Axxis® steel is galvanised, high-tensile steel specifically designed for New Zealand’s house-framing market.